You receive from DIY School.

Our School was established in 2009, Australia’s first and only Home renovation school for people to save or start a career in the home and building services industry. Below are FAQ’s.

Q. What is an invitation mean?

A. 1.Because we are the only home renovation school of its type,we need to establish the serious enquiries with a genuine need to enrol.

2.We have limited numbers in a class,this means if we say yes to you,we have to say no ,or defer others.

3. Because of the above we have to qualify each application,and only then do we invite you to enrol with fee.

4 Only then do we send you a confirmation,receipt date and location of your class.

Hope that makes sense.

Q.Where are they held?

A. Usually in Sydney home or class situation.

Q. What if  I don’t understand something.?

A. We will explain or allow you to  sit in a future class no charge.

Q. Do I get a certificate.?

A. As each course mentions Yes.

Q Does the certificate help in obtaining a job.

A, Yes as my testimonies show,people get jobs as building managers,maintenance jobs, and business owners.

Q. Do you have support?

A. Absolutely. We want to help and get referrals.

Q. How many invitations can I get?

A. Because of the numbers,only one.

Q. Can I cancel or get a refund.

A. No refunds , but because of serious circumstances,we offer a credit to use in furure courses.