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Next Courses book now! Max 4 students each date. MID NORTH COAST ONLY.


Sat 6th Sun 7th May2023 three places left

*Handyman course

*Handyman Plus course

*Home Renovation Course

*Plastering Course

*Prospecting customers course

We are Australia’s first and most trusted home and building services course provider.Established 2009.

The principal is an accredited trainer and assessor ,and one of Australia’s foremost home and building services provider.His top customers included the prime ministers house 5 years ….former ceos of banks,ex GM of ABC.plus you.

FAQ. Q.Who does these courses? A.All Men or women ,landlords ,Home owners,Tradesmen, People who want start ,or change a career in building services. People who wish to raise their self esteem.single moms.

Q.are you a talker or a doer ?

A.lots of people talk about doing something,But few actually do it.

Q.where are they held?

A.Mid North Coast. in classroom

Q.How much can I expect to earn.

A.in my 40 years experience,average weeks $1800.really good weeks $4000.best ever weeks $6500,with sub contractors..$11000

Q.how much can I save.

A.Some eg examples of work over the years, labour only. a..Sony Pictures Brisbane reconfigure their store room..$4950.b.replace vanity(pictures)$450.c.remove tiles and wall sections in bathroom ready for plumber.replace wall.$2000.d.running toilets $140.d.replace cisterns.$195.d.paint inside of house $4950.e. hang curtain rods 7 windows $395.f.hang 7 Venetian blinds $295.f.repair 12 holes in plaster walls $795.etc etc g.tap washes $45 and mixers $120.

Q. How do I enrol? A. Read the courses information page thoroughly. Once you have made your choice. Send me a contact ,and we mutually agree on a date . Then I send you an invoice/enrol email. You pay the fee.I then confirm with receipt and location.

when you are ready to enrol,you get my invoice,you pay straight way and attach receipt. I then know your are on your way.

until I get receipt,it’s only an agreement,not confirmation.

Q.when are students confirmed enrolled.? A. Agreements to do course are NOT confirmation. Only when fees are paid,you receive guaranteed confirmation. ITS FIRST IN FIRST SERVED.Has to be this way.

Q Where are courses held Mid North Coast.!!!! Q. Are TAFE holding these courses? A.. Not presently!

Our Curriculum

Knowledge and performance criteras :

*Handyman course.

*Handyman Plus course.

*Plastering Course.

*Home Renovation Course.

*Business Creation and propecting

student repairing mixer


Handyman $1995 2 day Handyman Plus $2250 2 day Home Renovations $4995 4 day Plastering Courses $1995 2 day *Business increase $495



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