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DIY School Australia provides knowledge and hands on instruction by one of Australia's foremost home and building services provider of 40 years standing.


Courses are delivered onsite, or in a classroom setting,dependant on the skill sets and selected by the learner.





Renovations Project Manager and Organizer of the Walks & Well Being Meetup. Published October 6th 2015.

Who knew there were so many types of screws?I didn't. With my new knowledge of "anchors", never again will I fear that something I hang will fall down.

A fellow property minded girlfriend and I attended DIY School's Handyman Course last weekend.Held beside the beautiful Narrabeen Lakes. We were by another handy-woman to spend a day learning a host of helpful new skills.

You receive from DIY School.

Our home and renovation courses in Sydney will satisfy home owners landlords and anyone want to improve their set of skills. 

If you are looking for courses in DIY in sydney call us.

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*Hands on instruction.

*Legal requirements(if business)

*In class,home,or business onsite.

The DIY School courses will provide people of all ages, the basic skills ,knowledge and hands on instruction, that is required for job requirements and then to undertake basic maintenance and repairs or renovation.

There are no suitable accredited courses available elsewhere.


Q. is there a handyman licence?

A. No such thing.Ours is the next best thing.

Q. when  are courses held?

A. Every week.

Q. Does the certificate given help with job applications.

A. Yes.Its the only one available that gives customers an idea of your skill sets.

Q. where are they held. 

A. Classrooms ,factories,or on site. even homes..

Q. are you the only people that offer this course.

A. Yes.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed



Hi Leo I would like to thank you for the very informative handyman course I took part in on Friday 2nd September 2011.

You have a great deal of knowledge in the trade and a very diverse understanding of what pursuing a career as a handyman is all about. As you are aware I am currently completing a certificate 1V in Building & Construction through Sydney TAFE, and this course may be very useful to an individual wanting to work on a construction sites and develop property, I can assure you it does not even briefly touch on the subjects covered by your DIY/HANDYMAN COURSE which is more required. for working in the trades field of Handyman.

On completion of my handyman course you have given me the knowledge and confidence to take on any job . I am now in the process of working for myself,  and I owe it all thanks to you. I am glad to have found this course and would recommend it to absolutely anyone who seeks to work as a handyman, or even individuals wanting to save money around the house.

Kind regards Emmanuel Jabbour Handyman